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MIIA Project Presentations


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Please schedule below for your final project presentation.  Remember, everyone's power point slides are due at the same time, and must be checked into svn by Tuesday April 24 at 10 AM!  Accordingly, unlike previous years, no extra credit will be given to those who present early.  Each presentation should be 4.5 - 5.5 minutes long.

All presentations, regardless of date, will be expected to have some form of partial/preliminary results to present.  Examples of partial/prelinary results could be intermediate output generated part-way through your algorithm, results with unoptimized parameters, etc.

Everyone must commit their final project code to svn by 11:59 PM Thursday evening (the 26th).  Be sure to commit any data necessary to run your code, since:

We will grade your final results based on how well your code works on your data when the TA compiles and runs your code, unless you make previous arrangements with the TA and myself ahead of time.

More details are available on the final-project webpage

Pittsburgh, PA
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Tues. 4/24
Thrs. 4/26

Pittsburgh, PA

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