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Searching for a Signup?  Enter the email address for the person with the signup below.

Below are some Signup Sheet and SignUp Registration examples.

Remember A Sign Up Sheet is like a class room full of chairs.  Each row or column can have a representation.  Or the entire room can just be for a class.  Each Chair Represents ONE person.  You can create your sign up sheet then assign a job for each row, column or individual chair.  When your visitor selects that chair, you can then ask several questions about them. 

  Each of these examples is a real sign up sheet.  You can click on the button and see the information asked.  Then return to the sign-up sheet and see that you have registered for that spot (We reload these signups every 15 or 20 minutes)

Here are some examples.  You can view them and understand how it works.  After you create the page by you the page owner, others can come to the site and signup.  They will fill in the information and fill the slots you require for your event.  Then you can come back to the web and see how its going.  


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